Saturday, December 20, 2008

Incredible...check out

new artist...well new to me...obviously this artist is not new to art....check out this photograph.... created with Photoshop and Graphire Tablet and some 40+ photos and an amazing talent!...oh boy do I have been wanting a tablet...oh my!!!
and here is a link to an incredible video that shows how he did it...definitely worth checking will be amazed! Roger Taylor


Marie Antionette said...

Hi ,and Merry christmas.I hope all your seaons are bright and safe.May god keep watch over all.Hugs Marie Antionette

Marie Antionette said...

I went and checked out the photo,that is amazing.Loved it.I will check out more later.Thanks for the heads up.Marie Antionette

Anonymous said...

WOW...I hadn't seen that before and called in my husband to see it, too. Awsome...thanks for sharing it with all. Happy holidays. Jan-ella