Sunday, February 17, 2008

My First....Gothic Arches

Gothic Arch Swap Paper Whimsy 08

here are my very first Gothic Arches that I did for a swap....

Gothic Arch backs for PW Swap by Patti V
and here are the backs...


Fanny said...

Hi There!

I wonder if my emails are getting caught in your spam folder...

Your work is just lovely!


daydreamstudios said...

These arches are really nice. I love the colors.
My addy is:
Karla Rosendall
P.O. Box 297
East Jordan, MI 49727

I'm so excited, your giveaways are all great!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Patti, I LOVE these arches!
I've never done arches before and I adore yours. Is that red foil around the edges? And what did you use to adhere that trim?

Anonymous said...


GardenGoose said...

very pretty! what are the arches themselves made of? a foamboard or a heavy cardstock?

Tally O said...

The backs are beautiful! Please do tell how you got the images onto the text paper - are they transfers or what? Beautiful!